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Maritime Terrorism!

A nuke hidden in a container or in an oil tanker explodes in a Western port: that is the nightmare of top defense and security analysts, who are turning to new technology to combat the threat.

With controversy still swirling over America's possible port deal with a company owned by the United Arab Emirates, a major oil power with terror connections, new concerns are being raised among defense and security analysts about the threat of a nuclear weapons being delivered to the U.S. aboard an oil tanker.

While the possibility of such a sneak attack has been considered before, new alarms were set off last week when the Saudi Arabian branch of al-Qaida issued a fatwa providing religious justification for its attempt to car-bomb the huge oil-processing plant in Abqaiq.

"Targeting of oil interests is legitimate economic jihad," said the 63-page document posted on an Islamist website. "Oil is the basis of modern industry and the backbone of industries in infidel countries."

The fatwa serves as a reminder of a specific warning given to the U.S. Congress last year that an oil tanker could be used to transport a nuclear weapon to a port in the U.S.

"The Middle East is the dominant source of anti-American terrorism," explained the report by Jonathan Medalia, specialist in national defense, foreign affairs, defense and trade. "The United States imports an average of more than 2 million barrels of crude oil a day from Persian Gulf nations. "This crude oil is transported by ship, and it would be very difficult to detect a bomb inside a supertanker."

The report very specifically is referring to a nuclear bomb.

Such a device could not be readily detected by gamma rays because of the size of supertankers and the thickness of their steel. Neither could neutron activation detect such a weapon with any certainty because neutrons would be absorbed by the oil, explained the report, titled "Nuclear Terrorism: A Brief Review of Threats and Responses."

Not only would this be an ingenious means of getting a nuclear warhead to the U.S., says the report, but the effects of detonation of the weapon would be magnified by the location.

"A bomb in a tanker could devastate an oil port by the blast and by secondary fires in nearby refineries and oil storage tanks," it explains. "A tanker bomb might be used against other maritime targets, such as the Panama Canal. And, if a bomb in a shipping container could lead to the shutdown of container traffic, seriously damaging the world economy, a tanker bomb might by the same token lead to the suspension of crude oil shipments, with similar results."

The report raises the distinct possibility that such an attack would in addition to its killing power and destructiveness upon the primary target result in "a halt of crude oil shipments worldwide for some time."

One of the responses suggested for dealing with such a threat is the construction of offshore inspection ports, much like those proposed by Robert Pfriender of Alliance Development Corp.

Robert Pfriender,  says everyone is really missing the point on port security. "The real concern," he tells "is that if a weapon of mass destruction arrives at one of mainland ports, it will be much too late for any possible security measure to have any effect."

A 12-kiloton nuclear device (small by today's standards, and similar in size to that used on Japan) detonated at the Brooklyn Redhook Terminal would likely kill 2 million people or more as the radioactive fallout rains downwind on the completely unprotected citizens of Long Island, his company estimates.

Hamid Mir, an acclaimed Pakistani journalist says bin Laden had managed to acquire nuclear weapons for use in the great jihad against the United States.

"It is not difficult [to obtain tactical nukes]," the al-Qaida chieftain said, "not if you have contacts in Russia with other militant groups. They are available for $10 million and $20 million."

Mir, who conducted the only post-9/11 interviews with bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, says that he remains in sporadic indirect contact with the elusive emir and other al-Qaida officials.

(View full reports at: Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin Reports G2 Bulletin has complete, in-depth coverage of the ports controversy.)

Main Page:10 Smart Reasons to STOP Port Deal!



  The BCCI Banking Scandal !

The chapter on BCCI banking scandal describes in detail the heinous crimes UAE did for every major terrorist service in the world. BCCI's support of terrorism and arms trafficking developed out of several factors. First, as a principal financial institution for a number of Gulf sheikhdoms, with branches all over the world, it was a logical choice for terrorist organizations. (The BCCI banking scandal).



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