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ETISALAT’s multi-billion dollar corruption scandals

March 5, 2012, Posted by admin at 11:08 am

UAE’s Etisalat & PTCL’s Privatization Deal in 2006 was the biggest financial SCAM in Pakistan’s history. The issues are still live between the parties. Either Etisalat or PTCL could not so far settled the issues involved in the PTCL’s Privatization and the ‘biggest financial scam in Pakistan’s History’ that followed. The latest position, as reported [...]

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Lawsuit against ‘ADIA’ on Madoff’s ponzi scheme

April 17, 2011, Posted by admin at 5:22 am

Liquidators for a feeder fund that invested in Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme filed suit against the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) ADIA had invested large fund with Mr Madoff, by way of the Fairfield Sentry Fund. According to a media report, Fairfield Sentry Fund had more than $7 billion invested with Mr Madoff and was [...]

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Etisalat & PTCL Deal 2006 – The Biggest Financial Scam In Pakistan’s History

September 26, 2009, Posted by admin at 5:15 pm

ETISALAT is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Middle East, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The track history of ETISALAT has not at all been quite luminous. As early as 2006, ETISALAT had entered into a deal with Pakistan Tele Communication Limited (PTCL) for the purchase of 26% stake in PTCL for $2.6 [...]

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