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History of United Arab Emirates

September 24, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:56 am

During the centuries of Greek and Roman domination, the gulf region was of limited interest to the major powers, but the area’s importance as a strategic and trading center rose with the emergence of Islam in the seventh century A.D. The caliphate’s military strength was concentrated at Hormuz (The Strait of Hormuz). Strategically sited at [...]

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Money-laundering and Drug Trafficking Networks, UAE

September 23, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:53 am

Ties to Terror!, United Arab Emirates (UAE) The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its permissive business environment, has emerged as an important locus of criminal activity. It’s also becoming a more important transit avenue for drug shipments from Southwest Asia on their way to Turkey, Europe, and Africa. Drug traffickers, terrorist groups, and organized crime [...]

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