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Real-life ‘Judgment Fraud’ by the UAE Administration Uncovered!

April 4, 2014, Posted by admin at 7:15 pm

Real-life ‘Judgment Fraud’ by the UAE Administration Uncovered! Friday, April 04, 2014 New Delhi The case of the victim emerged from manipulation of power by the UAE Administration. The subsequent fact that the judgment(s) had been pronounced long past and that its implementation was twisted by the culprits who have access to those in power. [...]

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What, man, defy the devil: Save mankind from dictators!

July 23, 2013, Posted by admin at 5:45 pm

Etihad Airways, the flag carrier of the UAE, is based at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The money power and the shrewd rulers of Abu Dhabi, it would appear, are out to capture the whole world. At a glance, no one will find anything unusual about the move of that country, under the guise of economic [...]

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Colombia worries as troops join Arab mercenary force ~ UPI

June 7, 2013, Posted by admin at 5:44 pm

Colombia worries as troops join Arab mercenary force June 7, 2013  ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates,  (UPI) Colombia’s defense ministry is alarmed about an exodus of top soldiers to the United Arab Emirates to join a highly paid U.S.-led mercenary force organized by Erik Prince, billionaire founder of the security firm Blackwater. Prince, who sold [...]

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Lawsuit against ‘ADIA’ on Madoff’s ponzi scheme

April 17, 2011, Posted by admin at 5:22 am

Liquidators for a feeder fund that invested in Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme filed suit against the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) ADIA had invested large fund with Mr Madoff, by way of the Fairfield Sentry Fund. According to a media report, Fairfield Sentry Fund had more than $7 billion invested with Mr Madoff and was [...]

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Shocking facts about the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

September 9, 2010, Posted by admin at 5:09 am

It’s really worth looking into the matter. Here in this case, the UAE authority cowardly committed cruelty and discrimination against a victim of police brutality. On the other hand, both the courts in Abu Dhabi, including Supreme Court, the legal court of appeal, were fully satisfied and praised the conduct of the victim throughout the [...]

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Camel Races Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

October 20, 2009, Posted by admin at 5:01 am

INTRODUCTION The UAE has more than two million camels and camel races are among the most popular sports events in the country. The camel races take place every winter, from October to April on various tracks throughout the UAE. His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, along with other rulers of the emirates, attends [...]

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History of United Arab Emirates

September 24, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:56 am

During the centuries of Greek and Roman domination, the gulf region was of limited interest to the major powers, but the area’s importance as a strategic and trading center rose with the emergence of Islam in the seventh century A.D. The caliphate’s military strength was concentrated at Hormuz (The Strait of Hormuz). Strategically sited at [...]

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