Andrew with Gonga, whose ancient tribe could soon perish.

 ”Our voices will never be heard,” said Gonga. “Tell the world we are dying. Tell the world we want to live.”

It is only in the past 12,000 years that man has managed to domesticate animals and grow crops. Before that, we all lived like the Hadza.

To the dismay of anthropologists and champions of the Earth’s remaining tribal people, two wealthy Arab princes, who have made billions from oil and gas in the United Arab Emirates, are negotiating with the Tanzanian government to buy the Hadzabe’s ancient lands to use as their own private hunting grounds.

To them, it’s just another commercial deal ? and a chance to kill wild animals. But to the Stone Age tribesmen, it would spell the end.

In return for the dubious pleasure of shooting lion, leopard, buffalo and elephant, Crown Prince Hamdan bin Zayed (the UAE’s deputy prime minister) and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (deputy supreme commander of the air force) want the Hadza evicted from the area to prevent them competing for game.

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