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In recent times, violation of Human Rights in UAE came to the fore and with force with the revelation of the torture events flashed by mainstream media. Those events have now received world wide attention. ABC News and other agencies have picked up the topic for further probe.

There are very many cases involving violation of Human Rights in the UAE but which are not noticeable easily to the outside world. A high handed action of the UAE officials is to be added to the list of such violations of Human Rights.

There is yet another basic principle about the Police executive totally replacing judicial declaration. The well-cherished segregation of powers between Judiciary and Executive is subverted in the process. The 15 years old sufferings of Mr. Jabir will be unfolded in the papers which form the accompaniments.

His unabated agony could be helpfully evaluated and quickly remedied by the progressive forces which champions Human Rights.

Jabir, an Indian businessman was subjected to the most horrific torture and humiliation by UAE (Abu Dhabi) police who outperformed their terrible masters. Jabir spent longer days and weeks at what they called underground torture chambers in Asma police station and almost a year at Al Wathba central prison in Abu Dhabi.

It was the most drastic forms of traumatic experience in his life. Jabir was residing in Abu Dhabi over 18 years and owned several establishments of which could be estimated at about 100 million US Dollars. He was framed under false criminal charges of ‘Assaulting Policemen and UAE National’.

The Court listened to the evidences of eye-witnesses from different nationalities who did not care the threat of local police and public prosecution and dared to explain the facts, were unusual occurrences in UAE. Finally, his innocence was proved and both the Trial Court and Supreme Court of that country acquitted Jabir of all the charges leveled against him further, the court ordered an enquiry about the brutual conduct of UAE police.

Source: Jabir’s Case – Justice on Trial

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