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People with good conscience – who hate barbaric behavior inflicted by UAE government on expatriate population living there, have chosen to boycott the prevailing UAE government through this website. Their ethical decision to boycott the UAE government is rooted in sympathy for the innocent victims who were tortured impassively by the current government of the country.

The patrons against human rights violation have come together to form a commune which was named

There are four separate reasons to form this commune:

  • To stage virtual boycott against UAE government, businesses, vacation and its tourism projects for failing in its duties to ensure protection and shelter to expatriates who are working in the country.
  • Enforcing the UAE government to deliver legal justice to innocent victims who were falsely implicated in cases and made to languish in jails for indefinite period of time.
  • To develop implementation plan for freeing innocent civilians, Human Rights activists from jails in UAE, and to convey the clear message to UAE government by organizing a mass boycott campaign using the power of internet.
  • To ensure that implementation plan is put into action.

While putting up the site we have performed extensive research to present the facts in purest sense. All our research and findings have been incorporated in the website and where ever possible we have tried to include our references for the source of our information.

You can contribute some literature with references about any such human rights violations issues that come to your notice. We thank all those people and organizations who have helped us with news and research.
Our campaign has already met with some success and we were able to impart a severe pressure on UAE government for performing its duties.

This website was hacked for some days by either nervous government (UAE) agencies or people support the government atrocities (Press Release). But in both ways it has now become clear that public opinion is always important and no government can survive by ignoring the demands of its citizens.

Our research is on-going and we expect all like minded people to help us with their valuable excerpts to raise voice against the atrocities of UAE government.

Read more at: ‘Enforcement of Legal Judgment in the UAE’ (Press Release)

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  1. Muhammad says:

    Qatar historically had laegrr income then Dubai because oil was discovered there earlier in the 1950 s , and before that Qatar was already rich because of pearl trade until the natural pearl prices crashed after the introduction of artificially cultured pearls. Dubai was already The trading place for not just pearls but every thing and ships came to it from around the region. However Dubai had no comparable income to that of Qatar in the 50 s until the first discovery of oil in Dubai waters in 1962. Oil helped a lot though the amounts Dubai produced were small in comparison , but it allowed the government to have a sustained income to provide services etc. This was evidently clear in the 70 s 80 s which is when Dubai was transformed into a major shipping hub. Yet it is a misconception to say that Dubai’s economy was built on the oil industry, as it was not , and there are no big refineries and lit-oil wells around the city except for Margham field which is far away and already largely depleted. You will be surprised to learn all the petrol in Dubai’s gas stations is imported from Turkmenistan if you had no idea. Right now oil income for Dubai only constitutes 6% of the government total annual income. It is also worth mentioning although Abu Dhabi Dubai are in the same country , they are different states and Abu Dhabi does not give Dubai free oil so don’t just assume.As for Doha which I visited in the 80 s so I know how it was before the current boom , it used to be much smaller than Dubai , and the only noticeable building on the corniche was the Hilton hotel, and there was the Musuem of course. Now the entire city has been transformed , and there is a noticeable sense that they are trying to copy some Dubai projects , like the Palm was copied as The Pearl etc. But Doha of course was hardly known until the launch of Aljazeera channel from there which brought it global name recognition over the 20+ years now. With every news show starting with the unusual phrase Aljazeera from Qatar will of course make this fact hard to ignore by viewers of this TV. Dubai also is home to 100 s of satellite news channels but you never hear its name mentioned except for its own state/public DubaiTV which is to be expected.There is an interesting thing to mention here about Qatar Dubai relations , they were never adversary but more of friendly competition , and in fact Dubai imports Qatari natural gas to power its plants thru the undersea dolphin pipeline. And before the establishment of UAE , both Qatar Dubai were planning a sort of an economic union they issued a single currency called Qatar Dubai Riyal in the late 1960 s , but Qatar did not wish to join the UAE federation at the time Doha leadership was in dispute among the ruling family members , which ended up in the deposed Qatari leader Sheikh Ahmed moving to Dubai afterwards, as his wife was the daughter of late Sheikh Rashid of Dubai.

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