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This site covers experiences of many expatriate workers and investors in United Arab Emirates (UAE) who have languished in jails for no fault of theirs and their testimonials speaks volumes of the tribulations which a foreign national would invariably undergo in the present autocratic executive system of that country.

Though the UAE boasts a free economy and a stable business environment, this web site also serves to expose ‘the gloom behind the glitter’ and highlights the experiences met by Mr. Jabir. P.K., a former UAE expatriate businessman and others.’

The Gloom Behind The Glitter !

A government which hesitates to observe the basic tenets of human rights and justice

The ruling regime and upper class Society that regularly and ridiculously disobeys the judicial verdicts.

The suffering of the inmates of the prisons under inhuman condition.

The hypocrisy, arrogance and brutality of the Police and law enforcement agencies.

The harsh experiences of the expatriates under this autocratic framework.

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