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Internet Censorship in the UAE

September 29, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:58 am

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the regional leader in advocating censorship of the Web through the use of Proxy Filtering System. The filtering software aimed to block a wide range of online publications considered pornographic, violent, critical of the Government or the ruling families or supportive of certain Israeli positions or as content deemed [...]

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Etisalat & PTCL Deal 2006 – The Biggest Financial Scam In Pakistan’s History

September 26, 2009, Posted by admin at 5:15 pm

ETISALAT is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Middle East, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The track history of ETISALAT has not at all been quite luminous. As early as 2006, ETISALAT had entered into a deal with Pakistan Tele Communication Limited (PTCL) for the purchase of 26% stake in PTCL for $2.6 [...]

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Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

September 24, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:57 am

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004), served as president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 1971 until his death in Nov. 2, 2004.  Born around 1918, he was the youngest of the four sons of Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al-Nahyan,  a member of the Bani Yas tribe, who ruled Abu Dhabi from 1922 [...]

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History of United Arab Emirates

September 24, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:56 am

During the centuries of Greek and Roman domination, the gulf region was of limited interest to the major powers, but the area’s importance as a strategic and trading center rose with the emergence of Islam in the seventh century A.D. The caliphate’s military strength was concentrated at Hormuz (The Strait of Hormuz). Strategically sited at [...]

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Money-laundering and Drug Trafficking Networks, UAE

September 23, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:53 am

Ties to Terror!, United Arab Emirates (UAE) The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its permissive business environment, has emerged as an important locus of criminal activity. It’s also becoming a more important transit avenue for drug shipments from Southwest Asia on their way to Turkey, Europe, and Africa. Drug traffickers, terrorist groups, and organized crime [...]

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‘The Victims of Injustice, United Arab Emirates’

September 23, 2009, Posted by admin at 4:48 am

There are thousands of men and women languishing in UAE prisons, either without a trial, or even if they are acquitted, they remain in prison for a long time. Many are forced to sign confessions for the crimes they never committed and lastly because of the inhuman treatment in the prisons, many prisoners have lost [...]

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